About Tributemine

What is Tributemine?

Tributemine is a small community server with faimly standards. We thought of our name after a great server died. We became a tribute to the server. We have lots of staff that want to help everyday and players that play. We have high points and low points but no matter what happends your always loved on tributemine. You can feel safe and loved on the server.

When did Tributemine start?

The server Tributemine was created on 08/08/18 before this point we ran under a name gabcraft/gabbiemine. But when the old server shutdown we moved to the current placement. We started off with 13 people that helped and tested the server to what it is today. We still have many bugs but thats because of all the new fetures we add every once in a while.

What Tributemine has to offer.

Tribute mine has Creative, Survival, Skyblock at the moment. Sorry our skyblock is off limits at the time being while we work out bugs and test new offers. Survival has slimefun which is a large addition to gameplay that we have. Theres hours of gameplay on Tributemine. Our Creative has large plots so you can build what ever you want or desire, you can also use worldedit when you /vote(coming soon).

Final messages!

Thank you for reading the about section I hope to see you on the server oneday. I will make sure to say hey to every new person at some point or another. Good luck and have fun on Tributemine. Also sorry if anything is misspelled.