Why Tributemine?

It's a really cool server ran by awesome people.

Cooler than ice

Our server packs hours of things to do.

Out of this world gameplay

You will feel out of this world playing!

Guaranteed fun

Find the love of your Minecraft. Play with us and increase your love of minecraft


News coming out of the oven!


Some features of our Server!

Great Family

Our server is based on communities, we work together to get things done
You will feel like you’re part of a community.

Claiming System

Buy your own house today! Tributemine runs with greifprevention.
Build your bases without any problems of greafing!

Friendly PVP

Tributemine has daily PvP Events just for fun!
Bring your friends and let's practice together!
Are you ready to show us your abilities?

Listen to the players!

Ask the players of Tributemine they would recommend you to come on.


DepressingChild, Staff Member

"Tributemine is the Server!"

"You can earn ranks by just playing. This is so unique I recommended!"

Meet our team!

Our Bests Helpers! You can always count with them!

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Dekejr is Tributemine's Founder. He worked hard on begginig to keep the Server Alive and make everything possible.

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Tooveylady is Tributemine's admin. Usually is online everyday and gives all Information to players Great person.

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Yaden is an admin. May be inactive sometimes but cares about the server.

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Alylox is a redmod! Pay attention to every place! Don't use Hacks! Don't go against the Rules! She'll make Justice!